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Spam, I hardly knew ya!

That's what you'll be saying with our anti-spam and anti-virus Email solutions.

In 1997, Jared implemented anti-spam control via modifications to a queuing module with the popular Sendmail server.  In doing so, Tampa Bay Interactive became the first ISP in the state of Florida to develop anti-spam solutions. 

While at WebNet, the system was extended to include content filtering using the Procmail mailbox delivery program.  Remote domain support was added, and an external hardware-based virus firewall was employed to eliminate incoming Emails as a source of viruses.

At General Telecom, the external H/W firewall was changed so that it not only scans for viruses, but also checks for malware, spyware and Fedware.  The content filters and mailer reputation tables were then incorporated into a plugin for the popular SpamAssassin program.

While we believe that spam is just a phase to live through, General Telecom can ease the wasted time, disk space, and bandwidth that spam causes you.  For less than $200.00/year, your spam problems can be mitigated.