Privacy is the big thing the differentiates us from the big guys.   All of the large, global Email services use automated systems that scan and analyze each and every one of your emails.  Everything you do is for the sole purpose of “profiling” your identity.  If your data was only used for advertising purposes in a so-called “anonymous” campaign, that might be fine.  But there is so much more to it.

For example, if you order widgets from XYZ Company, other participants in their advertising campaigns will know. The more unique your product and services are, the more your competition knows exactly what you’re doing.

In today’s e-World, everything is emailed – bank statements, purchase receipts, contracts, orders, utility bills, calendar reminders, to name just a few.  Keeping this information private is tantamount in a world filled with identity theft and fraud.

We don’t scan your Email.  We don’t read your mail.  We don’t sell any your data to anyone.  We don’t share your contacts with anybody.  There are no advertisements on our mail client.  Why?  Because this information belongs to you, plain and simple.

You are in charge of your security on the internet.  You are in control.