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PBX, VoIP and Key Systems

New Systems

We can help develop a phone system that grows with you.  We offer a complete, set of turnkey, PBX and Key Systems that can be scaled to your requirements.  General Telecom can install, commission, and maintain the system and all associated peripherals and equipment.  We do it all with one phone call and one low price!

Moves and Changes

We can assist you in moving your PBX/Key System from one location to another.  We are uniquely prepared to correct those "gotchas" that always seem to occur with the phone company, power, or internal wiring.

New seats are no problem!

VoIP Integration

Voice over IP systems are renowned for their ability to support remote, offsite users.  They also greatly simply MACs (Moves/Adds/Changes).  But VoIP comes with a high cost of maintenance and IP engineering expertise.  General Telecom is uniquely qualified to identify how VoIP can help your business, and engineer the IP network accordingly.