The TBI.NET Email System

Designed for the ultimate business professional who need their Email anytime and anywhere, there are a lot of unique aspects of our Email services.  Here are some of the things that differentiate our email systems from the rest of the pack:

1) Flexibility

  • All accounts have built-in Email, Calendar and Contacts sync! 
  • The same email you see at your office PC is the same that you see with your mobile device, whether it’s another portable laptop, notebook, tablet, or phone.  It does not matter whether the device is Apple or Android.
  • The same capabilities you get with your Office ActiveSync connection are available by the standard Email, CardDAV and CalDAV protocols.  The same calendar you use in the office can be accessed by the Thunderbird Calendar at home. 
  • We are also totally compatible with the “Mail and Calendar” App that is built-in to Windows 10 computers. 
  • We have a unique “HTML Detox” feature that makes calendar appointments made in the Windows 10 App more readable by other calendar programs.

2) Ease of Use

  • There is a lot to be said about connecting to our servers with Microsoft’s Active Sync protocol.  This is sometimes called “Exchange Active Sync” (abbreviated as “EAS“).
  • Perhaps Active Sync’s best attribute is the ease of setup.  In most cases, you only need to know your Email address and password to get going.  Everything else happens automatically.
  • We fully support of the IMAP “DLE” function.  This is the mechanism which allows for real-time notification of new mail.

3) Webmail Interface

  • Our system has been designed around the Webmail interface which has been enhanced with many commercial themes and plugins.
  • Most other systems are designed around their backend systems and the user is relegated to using their rudimentary Webmail interfaces.
  • Our Webmail package includes “Responsive” themes.  These dynamically adapt the look and feel of the web-based  interface to match the display resolution of the connecting device.
  • From within Webmail, multiple identities and signatures can be defined.
  • User can manage their own passwords.
  • Secure IMAP client functions allow you to fetch mail from other mail servers.  This is also useful for “porting out” customers from costly online Exchange services.
  • Encryption key-pairs can be created to send email encrypted with PGP technology.
  • A graphical representation of used disk space is provided.
  • Pre-defined (“canned”) responses can be setup, to quickly reply to Emails.
  • Complete Folder management allows the customer to create folders on the server.  These are available to your Email client and portable devices.
  • Powerful filters allow for functions like automatically moving messages to specific Folders, or creating Vacation auto-responders.
  • The Webmail calendar fully supports colored events, compatible with Microsoft Outlook.  It sports a very modern and stylish interface and comes complete with “To Do” lists:

4) Security

  • All client access methods require secure message transfers to and from the client.  Your connection is always secure, whether you connect from the office or the local coffee shop.
  • The driving force behind Internet security today is the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).  This standard is maintained by PCI’s Security Standards Council (SSC).  We among just a few Email providers that support the latest changes to PCI/DSS that were adopted on June 30, 2018.  We have an A+ rating.
  • We have the ability to specify, and enforce, the order in which encryption ciphers are used.  We use only strong ciphers, and we will enforce the use of those with PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) above all others.
  • We use cloaking to mask your IP address.  Details about your WAN IP address are not visible to the recipient(s) of your Emails.
  • We utilize a “reactive” firewall to detect and block threats automatically.
  • Our servers are protected with DNSSEC, a method of ensuring that a domain’s DNS is secure.
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance requires that both “Data-in-Transit” and “Data-at-Rest” be encrypted.  To satisfy the latter (Data-at-Rest), we provide a unique technology called “SecureSpool“, which can encrypt all user mailboxes within a particular domain.  We differ from Microsoft Exchange’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in that our encryption keys, per domain, are applied at server boot time, like one-time keys.  This way, unlike PKI, the entire server could be cloned or stolen but your Emails will still remain safe from prying eyes!

5)  Peace of Mind

  • All of your Emails can sit on our servers.  Sent Items, Deleted Items/Trash, Inbox, Archive, whatever; all available to you 24/7.
  • What happens on the server, stays on the server!
  • The standard amount of storage space allocated to each user is a hefty 30GB.  This can be changed as necessary without any loss of Email.
  • If your PC crashes, or your regular network is down, you can rest assured knowing that your Emails are safely stored here.
  • Eliminate any worries about corrupted messages stores or missing messages on your computer.
  • All Email spools are backed up nightly.

6) Anti-Malware Controls

  • Unlike the commercial Email offerings from Google and Microsoft, all email accounts have built-in Anti-Virus, Anti-Phish, and Anti-Spam protection.
  • Messages that the system thinks are spam are tagged as such and deposited into each member’s “Junk” folder.  Malware-infected Emails are rejected by the system.
  • We’re good with spam! We’ve enhanced our anti-spam services with over 950 locally developed rule-sets containing over 30,000 signatures.
  • On cloud servers, we maintain one of the world’s largest private IP blacklists.  We track well over half-a-billion spam sources and more than 1.3 millionspamvertized” links in messages.

7) Email Domain Management

  • An easy-to-use web interface is provided for management of Email Domains.
  • There can be multiple managers per domain. 
  • Managers can add, remove, or modify email accounts within their domains.
  • Managers can setup Email aliases and groups within their domains, including wildcard (“Catch-All”) addresses.
  • Managers can change user passwords as needed.